A Poetic Moment: At an Obon Festival

At an Obon Festival

———————————James Au

Shall I celebrate, sweet heart, and say

Adieu to those lovely spirits dying?

Shall I hold my fate, retreat, or stay

To witness the far-flung lanterns glowing?

The evening light, at times dimmed, flickers

Along the sea of lonely eastern isle;

The paper ship I folded quivers

As waves may drown my love just a while.

BUT no motion has she now, no breath;

She sleeps forever in dreams of mine,

Or wait, until the last candle’s death,

That I drink up each single drop of wine.

When sea no longer holds this preach of light,

Then let it live at least one peaceful night.

20160803_obon festival

[First written on 26th August 2016; photo credit goes to  http://ilikevents.com/images/share/event/kyoto-obon-festival/pic2.jpg]


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