A Poetic Moment – A Short Play

[Echo and Narcissus]



Echo, the nymph

Narcissus, the youth


Chorus: [Enter chorus]

Under a shady tree a rest she took,

When she glimpsed his face her heart greatly shook,

For she never met a boy like her age

With such a stunning beauty so amazed

She fully blushed with apple red, and hid

And leaned against the wood, to see clearly

His divine eyes and lips so driving lust –

A desire laden with passion and fuss.


[In pursuit of lake for water; monologue]

Nothing could feel more gay, to look aloft

The sky with majestic sun, shining soft

The verdure grass, wood and trees of citron;

Gleaming upon lake like scent of melon.

[Music heard]

Whence cometh this sweet and touching voice of lyre

That calms peace of my mind, bequeaths warmer

Tune to Gaia, the vivid soul of earth

Till She smiles her instant forever mirth?


Hither cometh the voice of my sincere soul,

To please nobody but please with an ode;

To chant nothing but those feelings untold,

And allow them freely to be exposed.


The music speaks so gently to and fro

Through my joyful mind and my happy thoughts

My joy sublimes thanks to God of Water

And I can see clearly in the mirror,

My profile more perfect than the rest

My face the most pure among those I’ve met.


Why is it pain to utter emotions?

They’re flowing beyond words or motion

What draws more pain than to quench my strong hopes

To murmur at thee till melt of our souls?

[Shy with Narcissus]

Tell me not that it’s too late to beseech

Thy beauteous face and my love from thee!


What a wretched girl! I should have told thee

All I love is my face from the lake seen,

The flawless which can’t be compared but me,

The lips of myself that I long to kiss,

And my heavenly smile I wish to keep.



Alas! Dost thou not believe in God’s fate

That leads to our first encounter to-day?

Dost thou give her who admires thee a chance,

To prove her love, or give her but a glance?


Please then regret for falling just in love,

Or repent with why thou were born unjust

Forget me and bid farewell all you should,

Till contemplate on the difference you could!


[Enter Chorus]

Fate wrongs the encounter and poors her heart

Tortures one-sided-love with words of dark –

Endless river and cascade formed by tears,

Pretty voices dried by ceaseless moan ere…

[The End]

[Featured painting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_and_Narcissus#/media/File:John_William_Waterhouse_-_Echo_and_Narcissus_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg%5D

[First written on 22nd March, 2014 by James Au]


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