The Melody that Remains

A boy in his twenties moved alone to a new apartment today.

It was a day where almost all cosmos flowers blossomed all over the city. Each of them was ushered by the sound of wind into an open space of plaza where they danced as sprightly and elegantly ass a professional dancer, and released their natural scent at the same time. But to a boy who grew up at countryside, this scenery had been too ordinary, thus to go back to his new home, to tidy everything up and to rest were all he desired. Without a second thought, he walked upstairs to the third floor at one stretch.

He finally got home. He tried hard to grope for the key from his backpack. Before figuring it out himself, he had already been leading a city-dweller’s life and impregnated with impatience.

“Dame it! How much time I have wasted!” A hasty look apparently wrote on his blushing face.

While intimidated by his own weakness, he heard the sound of piano from elsewhere.

“Who else can be so artistic in this dilapidated old apartment?” Out of his strong curiosity, he decided to look for the pianist.

As though butterflies flew towards the source of sweet pollen grains, he too walked closer to the source of sound.

The more he heard, the more his heart was flooded with the melody of the song. A music amateur himself noticed that the minor key was being played. If cosmos flowers represented vitality, the song was perhaps a symbol of melancholy.

Then, through the open window pane of the same third floor, what came into his view was an old man full of white hair playing a never-ending song while looking with his void, hollow eyes at the  white and black keys of piano.

The boy peeked around the room, only to find nothing except the piano, the chair where the old man was sitting, and the doleful melody.

Perhaps before advancing to the very end of life, the boy thought, the old man wished to express with melody his emotions which he could not with words.

[First written in Japanese on 25th October, 2015; rewritten/translated by James on 1st November, 2016]














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