A Travelogue: Brisbane

By Ma

I had a feeling that my English speaking skills would be enhanced while boarding a plane heading to Brisbane. Although it’s the first time for me to try the Qantas airline, flight attendants were all friendly and humorous. Near-native fluent English users, they spoke in some British accents and in a way unbelievably too fast for me to understand. Fortunately they were patient and were willing to repeat and to listen attentively to my requests, which ultimately offered me one of the best flying experiences in my life.

After a long (around eight hours) and exhausting flight, I finally arrived at the capital of Queensland. How exultant! But soon I was into a trouble: Though I had booked the hotel, it’s still necessary for me to check in with an Aussie staff at the service desk. The concierge was however so nice and friendly that she provided quality services and good oil – information – to me. When I stammered and fumbled for the right English word, she was just listening with patience. I should have nothing to grizzle – to complain – about Aussie people after all! Good on ye!

I learn a great deal during this journey too. Don’t be shy and belt yourself up when it comes to speaking a second language. Nobody will sneer or taunt you when they know you are proactively trying to master their language. Life here is so great! G’day mate! Am going to grab some tucker (food) now! Do stay tuned and follow our blog!


[Featured image and photo taken by Ma in Australia]


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