A Poetic Moment – Two Poems


[O, Fading Dew on a Blade of Grass]

O, fading dew on a blade of grass

how awkward it is for her to crawl

up to the centre of the leaf!


If she had to teeter and shiver

crouching down its verge

why should she bother,

in this world of sorrow, to live?


When she can’t even soundly sleep

the slightest, which way

should she better seek?


Alas, thoughts of mine and the ill fate

of dew are so much alike!

[Translated/Rewritten from my Japanese version on 22nd May 2015]



[I Opened One Page…]

I opened one page of an album, mindlessly,

only to see a picture – the pond before

the royal garden – acting like a mirror,

it shed light gradually and gradually

into this deeply locked pond of mem’ry,

awakened a cuckoo in slumber

The bird, though rays of sun it once thought,

found itself thickly besieged

by floating clouds

and being smothered

until her black tears’ fall

Drops of tears tumbled

upon the picture, one after another,

and, like Cascade of Bad Omen,

a trick of a witch,

to decolour it, no matter

how many seconds, minutes, hours

and years they take, to decolour it

[Translated/Rewritten from my Japanese version on 1st June 2015]

[Featured image taken by James at Kew Gardens, London]


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