French week 2

By Ma

After having memorized the pronunciation of French alphabets, I begin to start learning simple words and expressions. What a great improvement!

Thus, here are some basic grammar rules I have just imbibed:

  1. Je suis _____ (I am … )
  2. Il/Elle est _____ (He/She is … )
  3. Il y a un/une _____ (There is a/an … )

In the meantime, I also managed to recognize five new words – four nouns and one adverb – namely un chien (dog), un chat (cat), un cheval (horse), un stylo (pen), and aussi (also).

To me, it is an easy-in-disguise-process as each French noun does, unlike English, carry an article that specifies its own gender – masculine and feminine, which means you have to learn by rote aside from memorizing its pronunciation.

If you are diligent and smart enough, however, you might have spotted some patterns to enunciate a word correctly after learning all the alphabets.

But still, there is no short cut to success as no pain, no gain. Thus, my plan will be to acquire ten words every day onwards, and a week later I will attempt to do sentence making exercises by using the words and the basic sentence structures I have learnt. For example, now I can create facile sentences like il y a un stylo. (There is a pen.) I thereby suppose I should be able to make numerous sentences at a novice level.

I started reading two reference books called McGraw Hill and Easy French Reader, too. With the aid of a smartphone application offered by the same publisher, I can listen to the articles a thousand times and do shadowing by repeating the words a speaker pronounces until I remember them and can articulate them accurately. The only demerit of this application is that the speaker reads too fast and much time is spent for me to grow accustomed to his reading speed.

Anyhow, being bad at something is the first step in being good at something. Let’s work hard together!

[Featured image taken by James Au on 29th June, 2009 at Musée du Louvre, Paris]



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