Motivation of Language Learning

By Ma

Frankly speaking, I am never a superb language learner.

In reminiscence, however, I did make strenuous efforts in mastering languages, including learning how to write Chinese characters and how to form French sentences grammatically correctly. Despite having dyslexia, I somehow managed to achieve an intermediate level of English.

What drives me to surmount all hardships and difficulties is indeed my motivation. Thus before acquiring one foreign language, you need to ask yourself why you are particularly interested in it. For me, I learn languages especially French for fun. I once attempted to learn expressions like Bonjour and Ça va just to impress my friends, and to flaunt in front of others what a language talent I was. But I am wrong. Now I regret and have had my redemption – to be a French beginner in spite of few years of learning.

In my opinion, French is a very smooth and beautiful language. French novels such as Émile Zola’s Nana, Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables are gracefully written. Among them, Le Petit Prince (English: The Little Prince) pleases me most, and thus I would like to understand cette belle langue and enjoy communicating with it by all means. In short, appreciating the culture of the language is the best motivation for you to stride across all the hurdles and barriers before you.

Trust me, and do not learn a langue étrangère just to impress others. Make a checklist of reasons why you want to master it.

  1. I love the organized sentence structures of that language.
  2. I love literature of that language.
  3. I want to watch TV programmes without any subtitles.
  4. I want to communicate with foreigners in that language.
  5. I want to understand more about that foreign culture.

You can certainly add more reasons to this checklist yourself. Find any of that language which intrigues you, and enables you to engage yourself in lifelong learning.

So good luck to you all. I am going to study French vocabulary now. =]


[Photo taken by James on 30th May, 2014 at Paris]





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