French Week 1

By Ma

Despite having attempted thrice to learn French, I still regard myself as a novice. Thus I would start from the beginning – alphabets learning! At first glance, French looks similar to English in the way that both the languages consist of twenty six alphabets which I have for long acquired in English.

Although the writing of A-Z looks simple, the pronunciation of some of these alphabets is rather different from that in English. What I really suggest other French learners to do is to completely give up stereotyping these letters as ‘English alphabets’ but to treat them as if they are new to you, which is also what I did last week.

Still I also face a number of new challenges. Letters like ‘é è ç à’ are also included in French alphabets, which poses a problem to me while trying to master them all. The liaisons, which are used to indicate part of the pronunciation of words, also hinder my progress with listening and speaking.

A question thus arises: are there any good suggestions regarding my problem?

Anyhow, I shall carry on and learn to articulate each word as accurately as possible before I hear any good suggestions.


法語也不是易學的,因為有全新的挑戰。就是有 é è ç à作為字母。它們就是我學習法語字母所遇到的障礙。而且,在發音上,法語也是有連音的。這令我對法語的會話及聆聽雪上加霜。如果有好的建議,請留言告訴我哦!



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