Start learning French

Indeed, it is my fourth attempt to learn French. Before I tried learning it respectively when I was in primary school, secondary school and when I was a freshman. In each attempt, I did make a desperate effort but it always seems to me that my French level is stagnating at a beginner’s stage. After a second thought, I thus come up with a number of methods to acquire the language. The first method results from a few language learning websites I have surfed. Here are three important points to improve one’s language proficiency:


  1. Learning basic vocabularies (around 200 words)
  2. Learning grammar
  3. Attempts to employ the vocabularies and grammar learnt and form sentences


Its appearing to be a good method, I will give it a go. In addition, it is important to master grammar as it possesses three meta-functions, put forward by Michael Halliday and namely ideational, interpersonal, and textual. Ideational function refers to the theory which emphasizes experience building and maintaining; interpersonal function underscores the study of grammatical choices selected by speakers; textual one deals mainly with the grammatical system that rules the flow of speech.


There are various aspects to study linguistic indeed. For instance, Systemic Functional Linguistics (or SFL in short), developed by Halliday, is a way to regard languages as a networking systems of signs; the study of semiotics concentrates on the meaningful communication produced via different sign processes. In my opinion, SFL is one of the important and interesting perspectives in the field of linguistics.


But you don’t necessarily study linguistics before learning any new languages. I have just suggested that learning linguistics help you analyze and understand how a language works, which is a good thing to do. It is likewise fun to broaden your horizon to compare and contrast different languages.


This time, I am going to learn grammar through some language reference books. Let’s see whether it works or not. Cheers!




  1. 學習基本的詞彙
  2. 學習文法
  3. 開始學習組成句子

因為看起來像個好方法,所以這次我一試無妨。學習文法是很重要的,因為文法有三個作用。(Systemic functional linguistics: 文法是帶有及組成文字意思的。老實說、你不用學習語言學去學一種語言。但學習語言學讓你能瞭解和分析一種語言。既可擴闊眼界,又可比較不同的語言是一件很有趣的事)               這次我會利用其中一本語言學習書去學習文法,這次又拼命學習法語了!


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