Hello! Language Learners

Hello, everyone! This is our first entry of our blog, and also of the year 2016. The writer talking to you now is Ma. (Hey, don’t get me wrong! Ma doesn’t mean mother. It’s just my surname.) Like my last year’s resolution, my 2016 ones include learning various languages and starting a blog.


Already a native speaker of Cantonese and fluent in English and Mandarin, I am striving to excel in Japanese and French, too. Most language learners, like I do, might have a hard time with new language acquisition, which is why most of my entries would touch upon the progress and problems encountered in studying languages, particularly French.


In this seemingly more competitive world, gaining a certificate in Japanese Proficiency Exam (JLPT), or scoring high in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is growing more important. Thus, as an enthusiast in taking various exams, I would share my experience about certain exam structures, format and my struggle for any parts, and even any sections of the exam papers. My possession of reference books also means regular book review in the coming entries.

Another blogger James would write about his experience on language learning too. But meanwhile, he would allow us to give a second thought about literature, history and philosophy, all of which, he believes, are inseverable from language per se.


Updates will be (and should be) done every week on Tuesday by me (Ma) and on Saturday by James. If you like this page, please subscribe and share it on Facebook. Any comments are definitely welcome.

大家好!這篇文章是這個網誌的第一篇,也是2016年的第一篇文。我叫Ma, 是這個網誌的其中一個管理員。我和很多人一樣,2016年的新年目標就是2015年的目標。一是學習不同的語言、二是開始一個網誌。所以這個學習語言的網誌就誕生囉!我跟大家一樣,也有想學的語言。我會中文、英語、少量的日語。我想學習法語、所以我會在這個網誌紀錄學習法語時的進展和遇到的困難。


另一位網誌的撰寫人:James. 他就會分享一下自己學習英語的過程及其他語言。他也會寫一些關於詩賦、文學和文化探討的文章。總之有關語言的,他都可以在這兒暢所欲言。

每星期的二都會由我更新、星期六則由James 更新。記得定期留覽哦!如果喜歡這個網站,記得訂閱我們,及在facebook 上分享



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