Count Down: 120 Days Before DELF B2 Exam: Day 2

By Ma Today I revised all the vocabularies that are necessary for DELF A1 Exam. The list includes: AlphabetsNumbersFamily Name and Given NameResidencePersonal itemsClassroom objectsNationalitiesProfessionsMarital StatusCountries and CitiesHobbiesFamilyTimeDateDays of the weekSeasons. Unfortunately, I did not stick to my original plan, i.e. studying all four aspects in French, including listening, reading, writing and speaking. I used... Continue Reading →

Count Down: 120 Days Before DELF B2 Exam: Day 1

By Ma The reason for me to start this series is that I feel not being motivated enough to do anything, let alone language learning. So I decided to pull myself together and record my French learning process as some self-encouragement. As the title suggests, I am going to take DELF B2 Exam after 120... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – Past Love

Past Love James Au Inside the maze the blue, unending night creates, I wrap myself with music whose lyrics never go into my ears; I gaze upon the dark with the elusive moon and shed my tears, And think that after all my day is sorrow written on my face. Some say that love is... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – Nevermore

Nevermore James Au Because my mem'ry is a rolling wheel That keeps tormenting me a thousand times, My world is where the rain shall never cease, The cold never go, the sun never shine. Who cares about the secret of my soul, When countless dreams - her sweet voice, low but soft, Her face, divine... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – A Dirge

A Dirge: In Remembrance of My Grandma James Au I wish these words could reach your ears - For long you'd cared so much so much for me With all the grievances you'd borne for years And all torment I feigned I could not see. I wish the past were not a past: If only... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – Naming (A Story Poem)

Naming (A Story Poem) James Au A friend asked me to suggest an English namefor his baby daughter. I was stuck.All the names like Mary, Jane are vulgar;naming itself to me is futile. You know it.I tried my best to recall the names I'd seen:Lydia, Elinor, Estella.I flipped again the works of Austen and Dickens.I... Continue Reading →

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