[A POETIC MOMENT] A Gathering One Night

A gathering one night Inspired by Robin and Aimee James Au He is a man of active, lively soul despite his age of almost sixty. He drank, he drinks, gets drunken before his words of frankness come. Of yore, he told about his impulsive years When tension’s high after few cups of wine; a fight... Continue Reading →


A Diary Poem James Au I sit in front of an old, wooden desk, resting my chin upon my desiccated hands. I wish I could compose some words grotesque enough to move the hearts of all the men. My hands lift a cute, little cup that’s filled with dark and bitter taste, reminding me how... Continue Reading →

[A POETIC MOMENT] When Everything Goes Digital

When Everything Goes Digital James Au When everything goes digital, whatever seemed beautiful is pitiful. I keep my photos in the innermost folder, and slowly, unawares, I turn forgetful. When nothing is original, whatever unfamiliar is uncannily old. I saunter lonely along the street of Tokyo; I vanish among the indefatigable crowd. Those dynamic signboards... Continue Reading →

[A POETIC MOMENT] Rampant Thoughts

Rampant Thoughts James Au When the yellow full moon is adulterated with misty grey, and pale red and dusty blue, so is my mind distracted by the rampant thoughts of different views obstructed by mystic smokes: I remember, before the end of October, you invited me for a BBQ party, and all of us sitting... Continue Reading →


TIME James Au Time, for once I thought, was just a word Among the many come across, or spoken or heard, It’s like the very dime that is with stupor spent To drink the chronic poison lest my soul relent. And now, the word is more than a word When boughs lay bare, and cries... Continue Reading →


Virus James Au Oh, virus, why torment me? Crickets bring The deadly silence to an end. The rains Deepen the darkness of the night, offering My coughs and headache further pain. Once these pills are taken, I sleep and dream Of ghosts and evils each holding a trident, So belligerent all of them seem, As... Continue Reading →

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