A Poetic Moment – Remember Not

Remember Not After W.B. Yeats's "When You Are Old" James Au Remember not the words I wrote to thee, For all will fade like foams upon the sea, Or melt at last below the heartless sun And all at once, you grow to be just one. Please feel instead my love behind each word, And... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony James Au Not all the truth are known to me; A year can never end without a start - I trod upon the little tawny leaves While cherry petals captured close their heart. Yet who shall care the nature's gyre When now the joy has fully occupied their eyes? And all, like dreams,... Continue Reading →

Learning Sequence – Four Components

By Ma Little did I realise that time passes so fast as a quarter of this year has already gone. However, numerous plans did not proceed as planned. Owing to the reality and my procrastination, the original publication of entries - Frankenstein's book summary, review and analysis - has been severely delayed. I am so... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – Whose City Is It?

Whose City Is It? James Au From Lion Rock Hill to Victoria Harbour from countless skyscrapers to tinted neon signboards whatever is missed is missing ― COURAGE, STRUGGLE and UNYIELDING SPIRITS The harmony, the euphony once cherished is gradually lost in silence; the vigor, the power that's valued is dimming, and drops its lustre. All... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – Original Sin

Original Sin James Au We are no Christians and yet we bear an unforgivable original sin for we were born to speak a language forbidden. Tethered in a squalid, scanty camp we are but poultry waiting without meaning in despair in darkness to be slaughtered to be smothered. We were ordered to be reborn to... Continue Reading →

My Language Journey: Polish

By James Au Of late I have restarted my Polish learning having put aside all my textbooks and reference books for nearly four months. One reason is that my own academic research and preparation of necessary teaching materials have compelled me to chase after my own tail. I could barely keep up with Korean and... Continue Reading →

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