A Book Review of “Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo”

Miyuki Miyabe, Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo.  Daniel Huddleston, trans. San Francisco, HAIKASORU, 2013.  ISBN 978-1-4215-6742-6 (Papercover) Review by James Au Kin-pong A collection of nine short stories, Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo (Apparitions) narrates the uncanny experience of apprentice, housemaid, merchants, seamster and thief-taker in the Edo period of Japan. To make these stories look more... Continue Reading →


A Poetic Moment

Ephemeral Love James Au When her Majesty rolls up her sleeves, Takes out a wand and summons the wind, The pollen slowly spreads and meets, And gives another half a long, sweet kiss.   When the canopy in red and pink seeps Into the bare, tawny top of trees, The early petals overcome their fear,... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Language Learning

For once you have dreamed of being a polyglot – a speaker of at least five languages. You were so devoted to learning new words and new grammar that you always untied your purse whenever you saw a language book having just been launched in a bookstore. These reference books kept stacking up your bookshelves.... Continue Reading →

My French Learning Experience

By Ma After a few failed attempts to master French, now I am adopting a more relaxed attitude towards learning of the language. I try to uphold the principle of “sheng bu jiao, bai bu nei (勝不驕,敗不餒)” extracted from one of the old Chinese treatises on war, which English roughly translated as “one should neither... Continue Reading →

My First Day of German Lesson

All roads lead to Berlin. To master German, self-learning is one. Attending language school is another. Somehow fed up with learning from reference books, I have recently been taking a German language course at Goethe-Institut Hong Kong as another alternative. I have applied for a standard A1.1 course, as I almost have no previous knowledge... Continue Reading →

A Homeless Boy

James Au Lee never knew why he should come to San Francisco. He had been here since eleven. “Will we go back to the city, father?” Once, he asked, but his father stammered “May…maybe” and forced a smile. Lee’s family was never rich. Before setting his foot on the strangers’ land, Lee had been brought... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment

A Loafer's Son Along a Lonely Beach James Au A loafer's son along a lonely beach is wand'ring gently in empty silence, Before he sees the moon, beyond his reach, to be in a swoon without defiance. "Wherever he goes, wherever is home," His soul is free, although his thoughts drunken in the whisky' sea... Continue Reading →

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