Whither Went Your Heart? James Au Whither went your heart? Borne by the wind. To a wonderland. You forbid me to enter, you mutter a word I do not understand. I sought the past, I had no clues. I wanted to hear your heartbeats once more - The music alone I loved. Whither went your... Continue Reading →


A Fit Of Passion James Au Passion is a hurricane sweeping through fast, and leaving fast. In one flashing moment, it wreaks havoc upon thousands of nerves so fine and fragile - a pain that one cannot describe. Written on Oct 11, 2021 (Mon)

[A REVIEW] Squid Game Analysis

By Ma Recently there has been a very popular drama on Netflix called squid game, which is basically a game that gathers people all on the dangerous edge of their life due to the lack of money. They are playing games, which they could not lose, or otherwise they would be either executed or 'eliminated'.... Continue Reading →


Deadline of Love James Au My heart is like a never-ending ripple Spreading through a pool of lifeless grief. So soundless yet uncalm, he tries to wriggle Hard to find the eyes to seek relief. He thought that love would stay inside his chamber Long, and whisper sweet and little dreams Before she softly kissed... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Moment – FICKLE LOVE

FICKLE LOVE Loosely after Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 James Au When crickets warble low at night, Upon those weeds against the cold to fight, I think of you whose face too old, Whose hands too cold, too weak to tightly hold. When heat in you so quickly fades, I know your heart in me might fade... Continue Reading →

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